What makes the Organizing Bookkeeper different is we offer organizing solutions to help your financial paperwork flow efficiently which will lead to effective and accurate bookkeeping

About Betsy Madison

I am a graduate of Bentley University with a BS in Accounting. My first Job after college was in a CPA firm which I was there for a year and half. I had a great opportunity to go into Corporate Accounting so I spent the next 10 years in the corporate world. During my time in Corporate Accounting I obtained my Master’s Degree in Management from Lesley College. When our second child was born, we decided I would take on a new role as Director in Human Resource in Child Development – I became a stay at home mom.
We decided when our third child went into first grade I would get back into the workforce. I did not want to get back into the Corporate life so I used my accounting and Management skills and started my bookkeeping business.

The Organizing Bookkeeper started in 2012 when I decided to get back into the work force after my third son went into first grade and I could establish a business for myself and family. I decided to use my accounting degree and started helping small business with all their bookkeeping needs. I noticed as I went into many offices that there was no set organizing process and piles of paperwork. I started helping my clients with setting up organizing systems which would cleared all the clutter in their office and enabled the day to day operations run much smoother.


Believe in yourself and everything else will follow.

Motivate others by staying organized

Treat all customers with high respect

Offer a high-quality service

Be the best you can be

Spending time with Family is important. If you are unorganized and spending way too much time shuffling papers around from one spot to another, this takes precious time away from not only taking care of your client, but taking away time from your family.
Providing an organized and productive system to deal with all the paperwork related to running a business can give you more time.

Time to spend with family.

Time to work with clients.

Time to just have time.